Milestone 1 Complete

CTUCAN Controller for Linux

We updated linux-on-litex kernel config to enable CTUCAN linux driver.

The screenshoot below shows the menuconfig to enable CTUCAN driver:


Next we had to update the device tree manually to add a section for CTUCAN driver:

CTU_CAN_FD_0: CTU_CAN_FD@80010000 {
compatible = "ctu,ctucanfd"; reg = <0x80010000 0x10000>; interrupt-parent = <&intc0>; interrupts = <0 30 4>; clocks = <&sys_clk>; status = "okay"; };

The link to the complete modified device-tree is available at below link -

When Linux boots up, it shows the CTUCAN linux driver getting initialized.


In the buildroot Image booting up we can clearly see the CTUCAN driver module is associated with a device:


Further, it gets enumerated as a network device:


Next step is to connect Digilent Arty Board running CTUCAN IP core with an external MCP2551 CAN transceiver Board and attempt CAN transmission to another device on this CAN Bus.

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